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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Why, What & How Engineering. Experience- Mohit Jain 2017 ECE Experience #2

Name: Mohit Jain                                                                 Batch: 2017, ECE, JECRC
Post: Data Engineer                                                            Company: Big Data Biz Viz

In this article I am going to talk about the importance of four years of engineering. Believe me this four year ofengineering are the most crucial time of your life. Technology is growing very fast and at the same time is changing rapidly, and still we are learning years back concepts, reading the outdated syllabus (not actually outdate, it is base of entire engineering, but in today’s world we must learn to advance level) during  most important four years of our lives. And in a blink of moment these four years vanishes.
So what should one do to make most of this time, to learn something worthy, to sustain in real world?

Let me start from starting -
Why Engineering? 
·        One thing all the students should understand about engineering that it is just not a degree; Engineering really means developing something creative, solving real life problems by using the technology. But after coming into college students’ loss their interest toward engineering, most of students get confused about their career, many want to do something but never get a right direction. And Many of the students may be having inferiority feeling because it is RTU not IIT.
·        Most of the students choose engineering because of society trend (the rat race), family background (because other sibling and cousin did engineering and because of that only you choose engineering), and some had thought nothing to do that’s choose engineering.
Things one should certainly do in their engineering –
Ø  Maintain a Good percentage (80+) – For good job opportunities, For Masters (MBA, MS).
Ø  Join any technical club – to keep on learning and strengthening your profile.
Ø  Publish Research Paper - For good job opportunities, For Masters (MBA, MS).
Ø  Take part in various events organized in college (Especially technical events).
Now What?
You have two ways; first do nothing just pass the exams and pass out with engineering degree. Or Put your time, energy and money (which you already spending) in right direction, learning new technologies, work real time project, follow your true passion (anything – dancing, singing, writing, playing anything) to extreme limit to convert it into a career.
These are some steps one can follow –
i.                    First and foremost thing start valuing your education and exploring the real life implementation of the engineering you are studying.  Because today even though I am at good position, doing good in my job but still I really want to go back to college because I have realized that I could had have done much better things in college life if I valued those four years seriously .
ii.                  After coming in co-operate world I have realized one thing ‘Sooner you start the better’. So better you start getting serious about your life, your career, and your goals as early as possible.
iii.                If you don’t have what is your goal, what you truly passion about, then explore about new technologies through internet, explore yourself, take part in college clubs to find out your real passion.
iv.                Once your get an idea even a vague one about what you really want to do, just start working on it, give your 100%. Believe me, may be you do not get a success, you start losing your interest but you will be a having a great experience and time to try new things.

As Per my understanding I have categorize the career options 3 major categories as shown above –

1.                  Jobs – Jobs are considered as end goal of engineering, because of the recession around us and rapidly increasing unemployment. These four years fly away in tension of job only. But believe me there is much more you can do and achieve better opportunities in life. And by time core job are decreasing as a result all the engineers (CS, IT, EC, Mechanical, Civil etc.) are working in software companies.  Let me bifurcate jobs in other subcategories  
Note – Jobs are still there in core companies but they look for great technical skills and practical knowledge and experience.
i.        Private Job –
·  After engineering you may go for private jobs. Many companies come to our college for campus placements. But by the time numbers of placements are decreasing due to higher technical demand and weak condition of industry.
·  Most of the companies which comes for placements drives are IT companies, but very few provide a decent package and good work(in many companies after joining people work as a QA or they are on bench for most of the time).
What should you do?
First of all try to find out your interest and then explore about the industry of same field. Because once you get clear about what you are passionate about, it is easy to find the work (job) you want. Talk to seniors who are at good position in companies (which are working on emerging technologies).
Let give brief you roles in IT companies-
Ø  Software Engineer – People who develops software and applications. Their job in more about programing and logical thinking. For becoming a good software engineer you must have sound knowledge of any of Programming language (Java is used mostly).  See, Programming Language is just a way to implement a solution as an application , the most Important thing is your logics and implementation.
Skills Required – C /C++ /Java , Data Structure and Algorithms( DSA) .
Note – Data Structure and Algorithms are most crucial element.  If you have sound knowledge of data Structure you can crack any technical interview of any company.
Ø  DevOps – This is also very important job role in any IT company. Their job is take care of deployment of code on various environments and related Operations. It is again a very good role to choose as career.
Skills Required - C /C++ /Java, Linux, AWS (cloud devops specific).

Ø  QA – QA test the software created by developers. QA jobs are not consider as good but if you are working on automation testing then it is really good , you will be getting paid well.
Skills Required – Basic Programing, Selenium (automation test), and analytics Skills.
There are other fields as well – networking, security, operations etc.

Apart from these jobs now data analytics jobs are increasing rapidly, we may be categorize as below –
Ø  Data Scientist – This considered as coolest job of 21th century, their job is write algorithms on top data and provide prominent solution using data. I suggest you to read about this role by yourself, because it is quite interesting.
Skills Required - R/Python, SQL, Machine Learning, and Data mining.

Ø  Data Analyst – These are people how analyze the data and provide deep insights about the data. Again read about it on Google.
Skills Required – Excel, Macros, SQL, ETL, R/Python for data wrangling and data mining.

Ø  Data Engineer – These are people who develop and maintain the technologies seamless flow of data. Again read about it on Google.
Skill Required – SQL, Java, Scala, Sparksql, Data Pipeline Creation.
I have talked about the main roles; apart from these roles are many other profiles available. You should start exploring as soon as possible.

Apart from It Jobs there are also Core jobs available – What is required is advance technical skills and exploring the opportunities by yourselves.

ii.      Government Jobs –
Many of engineers prepare for government jobs, in my opinion one should start preparing about the government jobs as soon as possible. Because the time you pass out from college, you must have job in your hand.
Ø  In First year itself, explore all the government available and start preparing for them, do not delay in that because after college there will be high pressure about job.

2.                  Startup/Entrepreneurship/Free lancing –  If have that spark in you that you want to do something of your own, these four year of college are golden period for you because –

·  You have four year to learn any technologies and business model to work upon.
·  You should work under some startup (may be part time) to learn how the echo system work.
·  You should focus on problems (social and economic) and create effective solution as your startup.
Any One interested in doing any startup can reach me out anytime for discussing their ideas.  I know people who can help you creating you startup.

Freelancing – Learn technologies and start working as freelancer. Freelancing will put you in right direction toward your career and will help in improving your profile as well.

3.                  Masters – Many of the students go for master after their engineering.

A.     MBA – If after engineering you want to pursue MBA, you should –
                                                               i.      Maintain good percentage in your engineering
                                                             ii.      Publish research papers.
                                                            iii.      Start preparing as early as possible.
                                                           iv.      Take part in various completions to improve your profile.
                                                             v.      Explore Various Exams, College and courses related to MBA. 

B.     MTech. – If you have deep interest and want to pursue MTech., then GATE examination is the best way.
                                                               i.      Maintain good percentage in your engineering
                                                             ii.      Publish research papers.
                                                            iii.      Start preparing as early as possible.
                                                           iv.      Take your study serious and start preparing from first year itself. 

C.     MS(GRE) -  If you have a dream to go abroad and do MS there, For that you will have to pass exams like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL ,IELTS .
                                                               i.      Maintain good percentage in your engineering
                                                             ii.      Publish research papers.
                                                            iii.      Start preparing as early as possible.
                                                           iv.      Take part in various completions to improve your profile.
                                                             v.      Start improving your English as it plays import role in these exams.

That’s All from My Side. Guys get serious about your career ASAP. And for any advice start asking your faculties/friends/parent/seniors from today itself.
Because these four years of engineering can change your ‘Entire Life’.
I have purchased several courses related to data science and analytics. Interested fellows can connect to me anytime and get those courses free for learning.