Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Apti Handbook #2

Apti Handbook #2

Click on the link below you will be moved to the pdf having Aptitude Handbook for the preparation with the solved examples.


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Friday, March 18, 2016

Six things to take care for getting JOB....

When it comes to get the first job, it’s very much easy if few things are kept in mind.  I have summarized it into six things which are very much essential when you are going to take on for first job. First job is not only necessary just to get entry to the market but with your first job, you start getting experience which is much more important than anything else.

1)  Prepare for Aptitude Smartly

First step but most important one when you are going ahead with the campus hiring or off campus drive.  Aptitude test are generally designed to know about your logical performance, understanding and learning ability. You need to care few point while preparing for aptitude test. Aptitude test might be strictly time bound or you will be provided with multiple choices. A couple of weeks are more than enough to prepare for aptitude test if you make it systematic. www.educlear.in, practiceapti.blogspot.com,  www.aspiringminds.in , www.lkshya.com , www.hirist.com

2)  Programming Fundamental Concepts

This one is the major reason for not selecting any candidates. Being in colleges for more than three and half years, companies expect certain fundamental concepts related to programming if you are looking forward to make career in the software industry. When companies are going to visit your campus, most of the HR persons don’t search experts in you but they look for students who convince them with fundamental concepts. You can take help of www.educlear.inpracticeapti.blogspot.com, www.lkshya.comwww.hirist.com  team for this part if you target for software industry.

3)  Proper algorithm instead of perfect syntax

Whenever you are provided to write certain codes, be sure that you wrote proper algorithm instead of perfect syntax. Syntax are not being cared if you impresses them with sound algorithm. When you write proper algorithm, it makes HR convinced that you are fit to work in their firm. You can take help of www.educlear.inpracticeapti.blogspot.comwww.lkshya.com team for this part if you target for software industry.

4) Concept of data structure

If you are from CSE/ IT background and like to join major firms, brush up your skills related to data structure. Students from IT background are often asked question related to data structure like linked list, stacks, queues, searching, sorting etc. www.educlear.inpracticeapti.blogspot.comwww.lkshya.com ,www.hirist.com will help you out in this regard.

5) Communication  and presentation skills

Whenever you are going to apply for major firms in INDIA, your communication and presentation skills play an important role in that. Like Aptitude test it’s not possible to work out your communication and presentation skills in a couple of weeks, hence you need to improve that from the time, you put your first step in the college. Many freelancers and certain recommended training institutes will help you out in this regard.

6) project explanation in interactive way

Most of the students don’t take their projects very seriously while being in the college. Choose and work on your final year projects smartly rather than just doing it for certificates which is being adopted by most of the students. The explanation of project must be done in such a interactive way that HR should understand about your project undoubtedly. www.educlear.inpracticeapti.blogspot.comwww.hirist.comwww.lkshya.com , and many more will help you out in this regard.

Hope and wish this information will be shared in between your students.

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Apti Test # 4

Apti Test # 4 

Click on the link below you will be moved to the pdf having Aptitude test with the answers at last.


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Thursday, March 3, 2016

General Resume Sample

Resume Sample

Click on the link below you will be moved to the doc having sample of a general Resume.


This is just a sample.
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