Thursday, March 20, 2014

current affairs - 21-03-2014

1. The United Arab Emirates was awarded the hosting rights of 20 matches in the IPL’s first leg with defending champions Mumbai Indians opening the tournament by squaring off against Kolkata Knight Riders on April 16 in Abu Dhabi.
संयुक्त अरब अमीरात को आईपीएल के पहले चरण के 20 मैचों की मेजबानी सौंपी गयी है। टूर्नामेंट के पहले मैच में 16 अप्रैल को अबुधाबी में मौजूदा चैंपियन मुंबई इंडियन्स का सामना कोलकाता नाइटराइडर्स से होगा।
2. The Notification for the Fourth and Fifth phases of Lok Sabha elections, spread over 128 Parliamentary constituencies in 16 states, has been issued.
लोकसभा चुनाव के चौथे और पांचवें चरण में सोलह राज्यों की 128 सीटों के लिए अधिसूचना जारी कर दी गई है।
3. Britain has suspended all military cooperation with Russia and halted all extant licences for direct military export to Russia, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said.
ब्रिटेन ने रूस के साथ अपने सभी सैन्य सहयोग स्थगित कर दिए और सीधे सैन्य संबंधी निर्यात के सभी मौजूदा लाइसेंसों पर रोक लगा दी है। ब्रिटिश विदेश मंत्री विलियम हेग ने यह घोषणा की।
4. The talks between Iran and six world powers in Vienna is “substantive and useful”, EU said.
यूरोपीय संघ ने ईरान के परमाणु कार्यक्रम को लेकर ईरान और विश्व की छह महाशक्तियों की वियना में हुई बैठक कोमौलिक उपयोगीबताया है।
5. Alstom T&D India has bagged a euro 20.1-million contract from State-run Power Grid Corporation for supplying equipment at various centres in North India.
अलस्टॉम टीएंडडी इंडिया को सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र की पावर ग्रिड कारपोरेशन से 2.01 करोड़ डालर का ठेका मिला है। इसके तहत अलस्टॉम टीएंडडी इंडिया उत्तरी भारत में विभिन्न केंद्रों को उपकरणों की आपूर्ति करेगी।
6. Ex-Congress MP Jagdambika Pal and comedian Raju Srivastava joined BJP.
कांग्रेस के पूर्व नेता जगदंबिका पाल और कॉमेडियन राजू श्रीवास्तव भाजपा में शामिल हुए।.
7. As many as 940 million people will live in Chinese cities by 2030, The Economist Intelligence Unit, a London-based think tank, said.
इकॉनामिस्ट इंटेलिजेंस यूनिट ने प्रकाशित अपनी रिपोर्ट में कहा कि, वर्ष 2030 तक चीन की शहरी आबादी 94 करोड़ हो जाएगी।
8. The founder and chairman of one of the country’s leading pen manufacturers, Luxor Group, DK Jain passed away. He was 71.
कलम बनाने वाली एक बड़ी कंपनी लक्जर समूह के संस्थापक एवं अध्यक्ष डीके जैन का निधन हो गया। वह 71 वर्ष के थे।
9. As cultural ambassadors of bilateral relations, a group of five youngsters from the United States of America are now teaching at different schools in Kolkata for a nine-month period.
दोनों देशों के बीच सांस्कृतिक दूतों के रूप में अमेरिका के पांच युवाओं का एक समूह कोलकाता के विभिन्न स्कूलों में नौ माह की अवधि के लिए पढ़ा रहा है।
10. Eight-time world champion Pankaj Advani was felicitated by the Karnataka State Billiards Association (KSBA) for winning his sixth and overall 24th national title at the 81st National Snooker championship in Lucknow early this month.
कर्नाटक राज्य बिलियर्डस संघ (केएसबीए) ने आठ बार के विश्व चैम्पियन पंकज आडवाणी को इस महीने के शुरू में लखनउ में 81वीं राष्ट्रीय स्नूकर चैम्पियनशिप में अपना छठा और कुल 24वां राष्ट्रीय खिताब जीतने के लिये सम्मानित किया।

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Current Affairs

• The new communication satellite launched  by NASA on 31 January 2013 to stay in touch with its space station astronauts- TDRS(Tracking and Data Relay Satellite)
• The person who emerged as winner to the first direct Presidential elections held in Czech Republic on 25 January 2013-Milos Zeman
• The renowned painter of Bengal School died on 1 February 2013 following a brief illness at Kolkata hospital- Shanu Lahiri
• The prominent Pakistani journalist died on 2 February 2013 in New York following 4-year long fight with cancer- Ayesha Haroon
• World cancer day was observed on - 4 February 2013
• Solicitor-General of India, who resigned from his office on 4 February 2013- Rohinton F Nariman
• The Australian cricket captain who won the fourth Allan Border Medal in Melbourne on 4 February 2013- Michael Clarke
• President of Republic of Mauritius who visited India from 3 Jan 2013 to 10 Jan 2013 and was  honoured with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award-Rajkeswur Purryag
• The King of Bhutan who visited India from 23 to 30 January 2013 and was the Chief Guest for the Republic Day Celebration- Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
• The fourth largest private sector Bank of India which was awarded the Financial Institutions Syndicated Deal of the Year 2012 in its Asia Pacific Region- YES Bank
• The Parliament Attack Convict, who was hanged on 9 Feb 2013 at Tihar Jail after his mercy petition was cancelled by the President of India- Afzal Guru
• The Advocate-General of West Bengal who resigned from his office on 8 Feb 2013- Anindya Kumar Mitra
• The 72 years old table tennis legend who died in Beijing on 10 February 2013 following lengthy fight with cancer- Zhuang Zedong
• The sitar legend was honoured with the posthumous Lifetime Achievement Grammy award ON 9 February 2013- Pandit Ravi Shankar
• US Marine General who took over the command of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan- Joseph Dunford
• Conference for South Asian Autism Network (SAAN) for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) was concluded on -11 Feb 2013
• Code name given to secret plan for executing Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist Afzal Guru in Tihar Jail on 9 February 2013 -Operation Three Star
• The short range surface-to-surface missile launched by Pakistan on 11 February 2013 -Hatf IX (NASR)
• The Person appointed as the chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi on 12 February 2013- Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty
• Prime Minister of the Himalayan Kingdom Bhutan was on an official visit to India from 7 Feb. to 9 Feb. 2013- Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley
• World Radio Day was observed on which day to raise awareness about the importance of radio- 12 February 2013
• The former Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, who sworn in as the Lokayukta on 14 February 2013- Y Bhaskar Rao
• The theme of 27nd edition of Surajkund mela that was ended on 15 February 2013 was –Karnataka

• The person who was appointed as the next Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations on 13 February 2013- Asoke Kumar Mukerji
• The Country which banned the Japanese cartoon Doraemon in the third week of February 2013 because of the fears of Hindi invasion-Bangladesh
• The Ecuador's President who was re-elected for a third term with more than 50 percent of the vote- Rafael Correa
• The Person who was conferred with Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development Award 2011 by the President of India Pranab Mukherjee on 18 Feb 2013 -Ela Ramesh Bhatt
• The former Union Minister and three times MP for Rajya Sabha, who died at the age of 68 on 19 February 2013- Radhakishan Malviya
• The former LIC chief who took over as the Chairman of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) on 21 February 2013- T. S. Vijayan
• The former head of Tata Group who was awarded the life time achievement award 2012 by Ernst & Young on 21 February 2013- Ratan Tata
• The Car Rally that was flagged off from the Helipad Ground in Salt Lake Stadium, West Bengal on 22 February 2013- Silk Route Car Rally
• The playbook which won four awards at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica on 24 February 2013- Silver Linings Playbook
• The Person who had sworn -in as the first woman President of South Korea on 25 February 2013- Park Geun-hye

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SSC Question

1) The government set up a committee headed by the Chairman, Central Board of Direct Taxes
some time back to go into —
1) codification of tax laws
2) the entire structure of tax laws including the question of imposition of bank tax
3) the concerns of foreign investors in India with regard to taxation matters
4) aspects of generation of black money, its transfer abroad and bringing back such money into
India’s legitimate financial system

Ans – 4

Friday, February 28, 2014

1` The first Prime minister of Bangladesh was -Mujibur Rehman
2` The longest river in the world is the -Nile
3` The longest highway in the world is the -Trans-Canada
4` The longest highway in the world has a length of About-8000 km
5` The highest mountain in the world is the -Mount Everest
6` The country that accounts for nearly one third of the total teak production of the world is -Myanmar
7` The biggest desert in the world is the -Sahara desert
8` The largest coffee growing country in the world is -razil
9` `The country also known as "country of copper" is -Zambia
10` The name given to the border which separates Pakistan and Afghanistan is -durand line
11` The river Volga flows out into the -Caspian sea
12` The coldest place on the earth is Verkoyansk in-Siberia
13` The country which ranks second in terms of land area is - Canada
14` The largest Island in the Mediterranean sea is -Sicily
15` The river Jordan flows out into the -Dead sea
Who is the 1st indian women to win olympic medal?
a. P.t usha
b. Shainy abraham
c. Karnam malleshwari
d. Kunjarani devi

Answer- C